Justice Is Under Threat in the Risk Society’, Is Barbara Hudson Right to Argue This?

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‘Justice is under threat in the risk society’, is Barbara Hudson right to argue this?
In the UK the state advised what it expects of us and in response to this gives us laws that we are not legitimate to disobey. We currently live in a de facto and de jure state where no one else can take part in violence apart from the state when needed, and the laws are seen as just.
From the seventeenth century to the late twentieth century there has been a change in society creating a modernist era which saw the ending of feudalism and the devotement of capitalism. (Hudson, 2003:3) This period saw changes in the way individuals lived their lives and viewed the world; there were political changes and systems of punishment. The changes stirred
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Risk Society theory was developed to claim why and how society is changing. Becks and Glidden’s contended they have been changes in how society works and suggest that we are now living in a society of risk. Risk society is not suggesting that we live in a world with more risk but that our perception of risk has become a key factor in our organising principle. Cited in Hudson, Ericson and Carriere say ‘We now live in a risk society; there is a drift in the public agenda away from economic inequality to the distribution and control of risks.’(Hudson, 2003:43)There are seven key concepts to the risk society; Modernity, Late Modernity, Reflexive modernisation, Manufactured uncertainty, Actuarialism, Risk distribution and Individualism. Late Modernity is the term used in the contemporary era showing the transformations in societies whereby there has been shift towards capitalist economies and globalisation rather than welfare approach. With late modernity you are able to look back at what had been done and use this to help you predict how to change in the future to limit your risk. (Denny, 2005:28) Reflexive modernisation and manufactured uncertainty was a concept developed by Becks and Giddens who are key risk society theorists. They explain that with development of technology, this has created new and different risk and the technology we have makes us more aware of the potential risk, as the media is no longer just in

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