Justice Is The Presence Of Justice Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr once said “True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of Justice” (*****). In layman terms, the concept of justice is really the concept of balance and the glue that holds society together (****2). It is the idea of people getting what is right, fair, and appropriate based on their actions. It drives proper behaviors by upholding the righteous and punishing what is wrong and evil. Justice holds all men accountable to one another to perform their social and legal obligations to the community. Without justice, people would be able to do and take as the pleased without fear of repercussions or punishment for breaking the law. By implementing laws and standards of what is right, justice creates a safe environment for society to grow. Unprejudiced punishment, a product of justice, is proportional to the intent of the criminal and the seriousness of the crime or situation while disregarding irrelevant factors such as socioeconomic status and race.
There has been a lot of debate surrounding the phrase "equal justice under law." As one of America 's most firmly rooted principle, it is arguably one of the most violated legal principles. The phrase, which is the foundation of the United States Supreme Court, symbolizes the principle that no State can deprive any persons or group of people of equal and impartial justice under the law. This concept derives from the 1891 Supreme Court case of Caldwell v. Texas which deals with the…

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