Essay on Justice Is The Cornerstone Of A Perfect Society

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Justice is the protection of rights and the punishment of wrongs. Plato defines justice simply as truth. According to Plato, justice is the cornerstone of a perfect society. Since many people have their own personal ideas of justice, Plato suggests surrendering the idea of justice to the state. This will promote equality. Plato’s Republic consists of a community based society. Each individual has one job to do and to do well. People with many talents must choose one and suppress the others. There are also separate classes in Plato’s Republic, the classes consisting of Gold members, Silver members, bronze and iron members. The Gold class is the Guardians/philosophers. The guardians must give up sex, bribes, meat, and free thinking. They must be strong and disciplined. They lead a military lifestyle. They run and protect the state. Plato also uses religion as a tool to control and unify the people. The main ideals of Plato’s society are that everyone does their part; if you are not doing your job there is no point to your life and you are a burden on society. The people must ask what the individual should give up in order to be a part of the state. If the society is going to live in harmony then the people must accept the state’s control. Education in Plato’s society is used to mold children into what the society needs. Plato uses moral stories, art, music, and physical fitness in his education system. The ultimate goal for Plato’s republic is for the society as a whole to…

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