Justice Is More Valuable Than Injustice Essay examples

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Justice is an asset man people throughout history have wielded and cherished, but has it always been correctly understood. The question of ‘What is justice’ is one that causes people to challenge their beliefs and their knowledge. In The Republic, by Plato, Socrates questions many things, including the possible definition of justice. Another character named Thrasymachus joins the conversation to present a different view of justice from the one Socrates is contemplating. The main focus of these two character’s discussion is to answer the question of who justice genuinely benefits, and to define the relationship between justice and injustice. Thrasymachus clearly states his opinion of who justice supports when he says “justice is…the advantage of the stronger.” Socrates goes on to disagree and attempt to cause Thrasymachus to reconsider his point of view. In fact, Socrates even begins to conclude that justice actually the advantage of the weaker, the direct opposition to the view Thrasymachus has stated. The conversation these two characters partake in derives the answers; justice is more valuable than injustice; a just life is equal to a virtuous life; that a person’s view of justice may reflect their persona, as is the case of Thrasymachus; and who actually benefits from justice. When Thrasymachus communicates his idea that ‘justice is the advantage for the stronger, Socrates, almost immediately, begins to debunk this statement. What this phrase means is that those in power…

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