Justice In A Tale Of Two Cities Analysis

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What is justice in the eyes of someone who has endured a tragedy? A tragedy such as the death of a loved one? In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, this idea of justice weaves its way through many of the characters during the struggle of the French Revolution. The story starts with a woman by the name of Lucie Manette, who is just informed that her father, Dr. Manette, is still alive. Dr. Manette, a former prisoner of Bastille for 18 years, is just released and is living in the apartment owned by the Defarges. Madame Defarge, a dark and intimidating woman, ends up wanting revenge from none other than the future family of Lucie. On the other side of the French Revolution, people of the 3rd estate are being treated like dirt …show more content…
The real question is, what is Dickens saying about justice? Justice is a feeling of the want for closure in a time of strife. It is a quality in which all is fair and reasonable. This is what seperates revenge and justice; because revenge is almost never reasonable. Whether it be the death of a family member or friend, or even an unfair decision being made, justice is everywhere. Each of the main characters, Gaspard, Lucie, and Madame Defarge, are trying to find the closure and peace within themselves that they need to move on. Gaspard is not only a victim of the cruelty of the monarchy, but he is also a loving father who loses his child. Any parent would need some sort of closure from such a terrible tragedy, which describes his thirst for justice. Meanwhile, Lucie Manette is a loving and gentle woman, but she too craves this want for justice in her love for her father, Charles, and Sydney. All that she desires is some reasoning to move on and live on for the better. And lastly, Madame Defarge is the character that yearns for justice the most. She lost almost all of her family, and on the account of just one family name; the Evremondes. This is such a tragic event in her life that nothing could be wanted more than the relief of all the trauma. For these characters, even if the justice is not obtained, the idea that sacrifices are made in order to feel closure are what make the idea of justice in this novel so

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