Justice For Juvenile Criminals : Juvenile Offenders Essay

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Justice for Juvenile Criminals A 16 year-old boy Shawn was sent to California Youth Authority, the state’s most restrictive juvenile detention facility, for a 90-day evaluation, after killing his father. He was charged for attacking his sleeping father, stabbing him repeatedly in the arms, head, and neck with a knife. Prior to this crime, he also have been involved in other illegal actions such as strong-arm robbery, drinking, and marijuana use. For all these criminal actions, he was sentenced to stay at the Santa Clara County 's Juvenile Hall until he turns 19, along with an additional allowance. However, juvenile punishment was not able to stop his perpetuation for committing more crimes, which led him to go back to his pot addiction after all those treatments he took. Besides Shawn, there are many juveniles who were not influenced by the juvenile system to change their demeanor. Justice was not being served when juveniles and adults were punished differently for the same crime. Therefore, justice will be served if juveniles were punished like adults because the law is equal for everyone, the public deserves to be safe and free from predators, and the results for teen rehabilitation are very positive. If Shawn was accountable for his prior offences before he murdered his father, his father would be probably be alive today. In order to keep justice under the law, all criminals must get equal punishments for their actions. As a matter of fact, there were 2,602 misdemeanor…

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