Essay about Justice For All Of A State

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Justice for All in a Rawlsian State John Rawls has been criticized by many for ignoring the issue of cognitive and physical disabilities when constructing his Theory of Justice. In this paper, I do not aim to discredit Rawls standpoint, but instead I will discuss numerous counter arguments to Rawls theory, and then offer what I deem as possible solutions to the issue of disability in a society that is based upon Rawls views.
A. Rawls Views I will break the next section into subsections of what I see as the main basic views Rawls carries in Justice As Fairness. Each subsection will end with the issues I believe arises for those with disabilities according to that view.
Society as a fair cooperative system and the elements of justice It is important to understand that Rawls sees society as a system of cooperation that stretches from one generation to the next. The system strives for mutual advantage in which a cooperative system is more advantageous for each member of the society, then if the cooperative system didn 't exist. The role justice is supposed to play in a society, is to specify how the benefits of a system of cooperation are to be distributed. Certain circumstances of justice are what help define the role that justice plays in the society. These circumstances can be understood as the most minimal conditions for a system of cooperation to work. I will discuss three circumstances of justice in this paragraph. First, people participating in societal…

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