Essay Justice And Injustice Of The Criminal Justice System

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Justice or Injustice
In the criminal justice system there is controversy in law enforcement. Due to the use of searching, detaining, and targeting individual’s criminal actions, the society has struggled with race and gender discrimination. The fourteenth amendment that was approved on July 9, 1868 during the Reconstruction Era was said to have the most difficult, unexpected effects. The fourteenth amendment says “that all persons born in the United States were citizens, and were to be given full and equal benefits of all laws.” What are police here for? The police duties are: to maintain peace, prevent robberies and other felonies, discover the crimes of the offenders, and apprehending the offenders. The nation needs to gain back the lost of public trust, especially among minority groups, due to the fact that it has lead to legal challenges of discrimination against the police force. There are many officers who have taken “policing” into their own hands meaning, they are violating the police code of conduct and getting away with it. Excessive use of force has and continues to represent a problem of fundamental concern in the United States. The new era of policing is where the police are like an occupying force, which is, cops seeing themselves as soldiers patrolling enemy territory; as well as, nonviolence crimes being met with overwhelming force and brutality. The people who are being policed are not of the same…

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