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For the poem “This is Just to Say” by William Carlos Williams, scholars and poetic analyzers can not formulate a widely agreed upon meaning for the poem (On ‘This Is Just to Say’). Some say that the poem is an allusion to Adam and Eve, with the plums representing the forbidden fruit and the note representing an apology to God. Others simply say that the poem has no meaning, which creates a strange beauty that makes the poem so special. Some even say that the poem really isn’t a poem at all. When asked about the poem, Williams responded by saying “In the first place, it is metrically absolutely regular… So dogmatically speaking, it has to be a poem because it goes that way, don’t you see!” (qtd. in On ‘This Is Just to Say’). The poem consists

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    Often referred to a "found" poem, William Carlos Williams's piece, “This Is Just To Say,” is said to be an apologetic note left for a loved one. Williams tries to disguise the incident within the poem as something minuscule and nonchalant but deeper analysis reveals this poem is an apology for a graver adulterous crime rather than just eating some plums. It’s title and overall structure sets the initial aura of nonchalance and casualness. Although simple, the diction allows the reader to recognize…

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    ‘This Is Just To Say’ explores themes including, but not limited to, apologies and forgiveness. The poem takes us on a journey of the guilt experienced by the narrator for devouring someone else’s plums. The informality of the title implies the narrator knows the poem’s recipient. This casual, blasé approach, particularly the use of the lexis “just”, allows us to assume there is some level of comfort or familiarity between the two. Moreover, the location of where the poem takes place contributes…

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    Myrna Pena-Reyes’ “Breaking Through” and William Carlos William’s “This is Just to Say” expresses the relationship of the persona with another person through the use of different figurative devices. In “Breaking Through”, we see the persona as the daughter and the “you” in the poem as her father. Meanwhile, in the poem “This is Just to Say”, the persona of the poem is the husband, while the “you” in the poem refers to his wife. These two poems present a similar conflict – the persona is remorseful…

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