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With sweaty palms and an aching heart I stood before the congregation ready to let them into my world. It’d been 6 weeks since I first walked into New Light Deliverance Church. The pastors soft spoken words had touched a place inside me that I never knew existed. Over the weeks I sat silently rocking in my personal worship as other gave their testimony. The members were from all walks of life and everyone had been through something but there stories were nothing like mine.

“Good morning. Over the past couple weeks I’ve come to personally know many of you through your personal testimonies. This morning I would like to share with you mine.

A lot of us carry around the pain, hurt and bitterness of our past and wonder why we can't seem
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That night, I forgave my mother, I loved my father, I prayed for the men who raped me even though the pain of what they took from me would forever be apart of me. I forgot about being used/abused and recalled all the lessons I learned through dealing with those who used/abused me. Those lessons were the only reasons they were ever a part of my life.
Old habits die hard. Yes, I have found myself trying to carry burdens a time or two. When I realize my faults, I do the only thing I can do. I pray:
Father, I am so tired of trying to live today while carrying the baggage of my past. Please give me the courage to face the sins I have tried so hard to bury. Help me to turn away from each one, leaving it in Your hands. Lord, put forgiveness in my heart and a prayer in my mouth for those who've hurt me. Thank You, Lord, for Your grace, Your mercy and Your love. Please fill my heart with the light of Your forgiveness. In Jesus' name,

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