Essay about Just One Of The Guys By Kristin Schilt

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If you were to do a survey asking people if they thought men and women were equal, its likely that you would get very mixed answers. According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963 "men and women [must] be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment." (Facts About Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination). Despite this law and many others striving for gender equality in the workplace, we still have a gender wage gap of about 80 cents, and women make less money than men is almost every field of work (Pay Equity & Discrimination). In Kristin Schilt 's book Just One Of The Guys? Transgender Men and the Persistence of Gender Inequality, Schilt studies the experience of Transgender men in the workplace. Through her studies, Schilt attempts to uncover how gender differences transform into gender inequality in the workplace. How does gender structure workplace and social inequalities?
Because Transgender men have had the experience of working as both men and women, they have received different treatment while performing each gender. In chapter three of Schilt 's book, a Transgender man named Chris speaks about the differences in treatment for men and women and says "I would have never seen these differences if I was just a regular guy. I would have just not seen it . . . . I can see things differently because of my perspective" (Schilt 69). Since transgender men have their unique experience, they can give the most insight on experiences of gender inequality in the workplace.…

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