Just Mercy, By Walter Mcmillian Essay

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Throughout the book, Just Mercy, the encounters Bryan Stevenson had with inmates was eye-opening to me. When one looks at the criminal justice system as a whole, every person convicted of their crime is looked upon as rightfully guilty. After reading, Just Mercy, that is clearly not the case. There are many people put into jail or even death row for crimes they did not even commit. The case with Walter McMillian is a perfect example of this. He was convicted of a murder that he did not commit and put on death row. The conversations Bryan had with Walter and the bond they made throughout the trials and hearings really surprised me. Especially how Walter was always hopeful and upbeat even though he was on death row. Each chapter brought along a new surprise and really opened my eyes to the American criminal justice system.
The most shocking case and most covered throughout the book was the case that involved Walter McMillian. He was put on death row for murdering Ronda Morrison. Fingers were pointed at Walter for a few reasons. His race definitely played a part in it. Because this takes place in the south many people still have strong feelings against African Americans. State officials pressured Ralph Myers to lie in court so that Walter would be found guilty. Another reason why he was convicted was because people wanted answers and someone to be held accountable. Walter just so happened to be that person. He also was having somewhat of a relationship with Karen Kelly, who…

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