Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson Essay

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There are many vulnerable populations in the book “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson that I could have wrote about. Out of all the vulnerable populations I choose to write about the woman in jail. The women in this book went through a lot of heart ache and pain. One of the women in the book name was Marsha. Marsha was pregnant with her seventh child. One day she wasn’t feeling well so she decided to take a warm bathe to relax in the tub. The family didn’t tell anyone about her still birth and they keep a burial for the baby that only included them. One of her nosy neighbors contacted the police after noticing Marsha wasn’t pregnant anymore and didn’t have a baby. That made officers come to her house to question her. Marsha was offended and she responded in a way that made their suspicions worst. After they left her home they continued to investigate. When Lewellen noticed the marked grave beside the Colbey’s home, Marsha admitted to it being the baby’s burial site. She was arrested weeks after given birth to her stillborn son and was charged with capital murder of the baby. A Forensic Pathologist performed an autopsy that concluded Marsha’s baby was alive and he would have survived with medical attention. Forensic pathologists are not qualified to determine that but Marsha was still convicted and sentenced to death. After the pathologist, a doctor examined her and he could prove she did have a stillbirth but Marsha wasn’t released. The reason for arrest somehow…

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