Just Mercy, By Bryan Stevenson Essay

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Bryan Stevenson is not only an author but a human rights lawyer who founded and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative located in Montgomery, Alabama. The non-profit organization fights against the racial and poverty discrimination that occurs in the United States justice system. Bryan Stevenson has done multiple interviews including one with 60 Minutes with Walter McMillian and made an appearance on TED to talk about the injustice that occurs. Through reading his book, Just Mercy, the reader will see the truth about what it is like to be in the justice system and will not only be shocked by the information that Stevenson has witnessed and experienced firsthand, but will also be appalled with how cases and people were dealt with depending on their financial level, sex and the color of their skin. Stevenson talked in depth throughout the span of the novel about his case where he represented Walter McMillian, a man who was put on death row prior to being convicted of the crime. In Monroe County, Alabama, Ronda Morrison was found dead under a clothing rack at Jackson Cleaners where she worked as a clerk. She died from bludgeoning, strangulation and from being shot three times, however, there was little evidence of whom could have committed her murder. To lessen his sentence on the Vicki Pittman murder, Ralph Myers testified against Walter McMillian, an African-American who have an interracial affair with Karen Kelly. When reading about this…

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