Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson And The Critical Evaluation Essay

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Introduction This paper summarizes Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson and the critical evaluation. The summary will include the author’s motivation, credibility, and other works written by the author that relate to the main theme. The critical evaluation will include a recommendation about the book, connections between the given text and material reviewed in class, questions the book leaves regarding relevant themes, the book’s shortcomings, and the particular “ism” the book does well to address from what we have covered in class.
The author’s motivation for writing Just Mercy is when Bryan Stevenson states (2014) “With more than two million incarcerated people in the United States, an additional six million people on probation or parole and an estimated sixty-eight million Americans with criminal records, there are endless opportunities for you to do something about criminal justice policy or help the incarcerated or formerly incarcerated” (p. 319). Bryan realizes these numbers are extremely high and something can always be done to lower the above numbers. It’s not just about the numbers though. In Bryan’s eyes, it’s about helping those in need when no one else will. His motivation also comes from the national bias against poor people and people of color. In the beginning of the book, Bryan stated, (2014) “Proximity to the condemned and incarcerated made the question of each person’s humanity more urgent and meaningful, including my own” (p. 12). Stevenson was…

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