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Assignment 1: Computer Architecture

Mardez Terrell Davis
CIS- 106
May 5, 2013
Strayer University
Arnold Daus

Assignment 1: Computer Architecture

In the 1940’s computer architecture developed by John Von Neumann and others that allows for input, output, processing, and memory; it also includes the stored program concept. The name Von Neumann machine is named after John Von Neumann. He is also a mathematician who was critical to its success. Von Neumann machine operates on fetch-execute cycle. That means the CPU (Central Processing Unit) fetches an instruction from memory and then executes this instruction. In the process of the CPU you have your input device go to the control unit. Then once the input device is in the control
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The bus is the combination of wires and a protocol. The bus wires are divided into three signal groups known as Control, Address, and Data. Most computers contain three main buses and they are PCI Bus, AGP Bus, and the Front Side Bus (FSB). There are important because each bus has its own performance. The PCI bus connects your expansion cards and drives to your memory and processor. Last the Front Side Bus is the most important bus to consider when you are talking about the performances of a computer and that is why the system bus is needed.

The Boolean or Boolean logic is a set of algebra used for creating true and false statements. Boolean expressions use the operators AND, OR, XOR and NOT to compare values and returns a true of false. These Boolean operators are described in four ways. The one is X AND Y if its returns true if both a and y are true; returns false if either x or y are false. The second stage is X OR Y if its returns true if either x or y both x and y are true; returns false only if x and y are both false. Third stage is X XOR Y if its returns true if only x or y is true; returns false if x and y are either true or both false. The last stage is NOT X if its returns true if x is false or null; returns false if x is true. Now since computers operate in binary using only ones and zeros, computer logic can expressed in Boolean terms. For example, a true statement returns a value of 1, while a false statement returns a value of 0. Most of the

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