Essay on Just Like Us By Helen Thorpe

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“Just Like Us,” written by author Helen Thorpe, invites societal members to enter the world of immigrants living in the United States. Helen Thorpe depicts the endeavors of two illegal immigrant young ladies, challenging the education system, to receive funding allowing them to attend college without proper documentation. At the present, this book challenges the perceptions of individuals who possess legal status in the United States to empathize with those who are struggling to achieve an equal status of those similar to their peers. As the book clearly illustrates, some immigrants are in fact among or are the elite students academically on campus (Thorpe 2009).

The chapter begins with a domestic dispute between a father and daughter concerning an important event. Marisela, a senior in high school, disagrees with her father, Fabian regarding him chaperoning at her senior prom. For reasons only a parent could understand, Marisela’s dad is concerned with some of her recent behaviors she has acquired during her senior year. Despite the parental issues, Marisela is a brilliant young lady; earning straight A’s in school and highly motivated to attend college. In addition, she is extremely popular amongst her circle of friends, often wearing the most makeup, possessing an excellent selection of clothing and hairstyles. More importantly, she equally balances schoolwork and her admirers. Impressively, she attends school full time and works full time, after school hours, to…

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