Just Home : Helping Kids Move From Homelessness For Hope By Kevin Ryan And Tina Kelley

1128 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Almost Home: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope by Kevin Ryan and Tina Kelley is a book about children becoming homeless because of home neglect emotionally or physically. It explains the problems they went through to cause them to be homeless, like violence, prostitution, teen pregnancy, and abandonment, and how going to the Covenant House and their mentors at the house gradually helped them prosper in being stable with themselves and society. The author wrote the book to help readers understand how home life greatly affects the young people in the family. Children are influenced by their social control agents like parents and guardians, so the worse the adults treat the them in the household the more negative effects there will be like depression, self-harm, anger issues, and homelessness. The adolescents in the book were so overwhelmed by the pain and drama of their home lives that they proceeded down the road of homelessness. Even though the young people hit some bumps along the way, they ended up making good decisions for themselves and having a positive impact on themselves and others. While Reading the book, I learned facts that I did not know about homelessness and factors that occurred with being in certain situation. When reading the introduction, it discussed homeless rate in the united states on page two. It came a shock to me when reading that around two million people in the United States face a period of homelessness. That statistic hurts me knowing…

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