Just As Fierce By Katherine Dunn Essay

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Since the beginning of time sexism has been a prominent barrier between males and females. Many women are still faced with the absence of equality just because of their gender. Sexism is used to keep women submissive in our patriarchal society. In her article titled “Just as Fierce,” Katherine Dunn demonstrates that it is possible for women to break the sexist barriers they are faced with. Women can be involved in sports that are considered to be for guys. Heros do not only come in male forms, they also come in female form, gender is just physical. There is no difference between a woman’s strength and a man’s strength. Women can be criminals, crimes are not only committed by guys. Being a woman does not stop you from doing things men can do.
Women are capable of doing sports that are seen as a men’s sport. Society thinks that because they are women they don 't posses the ability to be in an aggressive sport. Dunn says, “But when Dallas Malloy stepped into an amateur boxing ring in Lynnwood, Wash., last year, she broached a barrier far more imposing than the crusty male bastion of the sport. She challenged an ancient and still powerful tradition of what it is to be female. She defied what may be our most pervasive notion of gender difference--the idea that men are physically aggressive and women are not.” Although there is a stereotype that a woman is incapable of participating in an aggressive sport, many women decide to ignore this stereotype and demonstrate to the world…

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