Nelson Mandela Impact

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The Man That Changed South Africa If you died today, would you have left a positive impact on someone’s life? Or would you feel happy because you know you did something that changed the world? This is the question that many should ask themselves when trying to choose a career or find their purpose. Our everyday actions even the small compliment can bring so much happiness to another’s life. Also, when we fight for change and take a stand, it can drastically change the world around you. Recently, I had a conversation with an intelligent girl who blew me away because of the actions she is taking at such a young age. She is starting a non- profit organization to help ex-convicts get the right to vote after they leave prison and young people under the age of 18 to have a bigger voice in politics. She was extremely passionate about this and told me she wanted to be a politician. I was so inspired by her and knew that her organization would have a great impact on so many lives. …show more content…
This milestone in history inspired many blacks who have been defeated that anything can happen if you fight for it without the use of violence, being compassionate and kind, working hard for what is right. I ask questions like what if Nelson Mandela didn’t become president of South Africa? What if he didn’t fight for what it is right? Would slavery still exist? Asking myself these questions remind me of the journey to freedom and major change. Without people willing to fight, we will still be living in a world where because of the color of one’s skin it determined how well we would live, how well we would be treated. We still live in a corrupted world and racism isn’t dead but at least we have ten times the opportunities laid out for us to take and show the world. This is what Nelson fought for and he left us with a legacy that we can still appreciate years from

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