Essay on Jury Trial Analysis

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Jury Trial Analysis
October 13, 2013

This paper will be about Jury Trial Analysis. I will give a analysis in which the paper I will identify and discuss the steps in a jury trial. In the paper analysis it will be quite clear or the assess the constitutional trial rights that are enacted during a jury trial, as well as examine and discuss the selection of a fair and unbiased jury. In any criminal cases or a case that requires a jury; jurors are selected for a courtroom from the pool of available jurors. This is called Selection of jury, which is the first step in a jury trial. The judge and attorneys question the jurors in a process called voir dire, which means “to speak the truth”. This determines if any juror has a
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These are questions of legal technicality and may be argue out of your hearing. The judge will advise the jury of any formation client may need to make your decision, or instruct you to disregard what should not be considered. A ruling by the judge to sustain or overrule and objection does not mean that the judge is taking sides. The judge is applying the law which permits or does not permit the question to be asked or the answer to the question. When each side has presented all the evidence, they rest their case. The fourth step in a jury trial is the closing arguments. This is when the attorneys summarize the evidence and try to persuade the jury to find in favor of their clients. The plaintiff has the burden of proof and therefore has the opportunity to open and close the arguments. The next step is presentation of jury instructions or charging the jury. In this step the judge reads the instructions of law to the jury, defines the issues the juries most decide and informs them of the law that governs the case. Jurors may not decide cases based on the laws as they would like them to be but most reach a verdict on the laws as they are. This juror’s sworn duty. The last step is Deliberation. It is when the jury as a while retires to the deliberation room to consider the case and reach a verdict. The jury first elects a fore person who will see that

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