Essay on Jury Nullification

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Ethnicity and the Courts
Tina Martin-Fleming
August 28, 2014
Thomas Bullock

Jury Nullification is the process that allows members of the juror to acquit a defendant for crimes they do not feel is grounds for punishment. Although, many jurors may not know this is an option to many cases, it is still an option. If citizens use this option in many of the courtroom proceedings, there will be fewer people who are serving time in prison. On the other hand, this does interfere with the decision- making process. This paper will explain whether ethnicity influences courtroom proceedings and judicial practices. It will summarize the arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification. Including contemporary examples of
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As people, we all have an issue with sometimes stereotyping a person. This stereo- type consists of the way people look, where they live, what they believe in, what they do, and how, but with continuous education and growth among us would be the only solution to fix this problem.
Summarize the arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification
Jury nullification is the method that allows jurors to exonerate an individual even if they are guilty, but are not merit for penalty. Jurors suggest the law may be unfair in a defendant’s case or hearing. Jury nullification is when jurors are sympathetic to the defendant, and they believe the prosecutor is enforcing laws that are not popular.
For example, rules of ethics have similarities but differ based on the organization, a person works. Lawmakers are faced with different rules and regulations as it pertain to the law.
Gov. McDonnell accused of accepting lavish gifts in exchange for profit for another individual. Although there were no rules to state if he broke any laws, is what makes this a unique case. The rules of ethics for any lawmaker would be the difference between what is right and wrong. As a result, the Ethical guidelines for lawmakers will be changed to reflect what is acceptable gift taking and what is not. According to McNamara, Burns Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System (2009), “Because of the harm of African Americans have suffered by the criminal justice system, jury

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