Junot Diaz's This Is How You Lose Her

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Junot Diaz’s This Is How You Lose Her is an intricate tale of love, deceptions, and longings. The characters are excellently brought to life by Diaz’s pen accompanied by a storyline that is built from many viewpoints including from a female immigrant named Yasmin. The novel is a compilation of stories revolving around Yunior, the protagonist of the story who tells his readers about the struggles that he had gone through all his life of romance and deceptions that he had made towards his former girlfriends. In this novel This Is How You Lose Her, the theme “love comes with deceptions” is emphasized through the narration of both Yunior, who constantly deceives his girlfriend[s], just to fulfill his manly desire for a beautiful company and also “the longings of immigrant for a place to be called home”, taking Yunior’ s family and Yasmin as they talk about their life and how they yearn for the warmth of their home country when things get difficult.
Love does come with deceptions, especially when it involves Yunior’s love story as he thinks that “a smelly bone like that, [is] better off buried in the backyard”, like a normal occurrence to him, Yunior
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Giving the readers a fresh conflict, other than Yunior’s complicated love story. A lot of value could be learned from this story, that includes that love is not made out of lies. True love is enforced by loyalty and trust towards the partner, this includes Yunior who lives his life like a Casanova. Only when he truly finds the right one, Magda, that his previous actions start to take effect and it made him lost her. Besides that, the reader could also have an idea about how it really feels like living as an immigrant. Like Yasmin, it takes a tremendous courage and a strong heart to face the difficulties, not for the

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