Junot Diaz 's ' This Is How You Lose Her Essays

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Junot Diaz’s This is How You Lose Her, a fragmentary portrait of Yunior’s progression in his relationships, conveys to readers both the development and destruction of an addict as he discovers self-love. Though seven of the stories were published in The New York between 1998 until 2012, and a few others in alternate journals, Diaz realized a recurring theme of infidelity in his works and decided to parcel these pieces into a single collection. Readers follow Yunior through his marginalized youth, his impressionable teen years, and his war of attrition through college and beyond as he cyclically undersells his agency as a cheater, and ultimately recognizes the need for change. Read individually, one could easily dismiss Yunior’s crassness and overblown machismo and, as a result, dismiss the underlying factors that nurture his faults; however, when taking into consideration the culture, marginalization, and sexism portrayed consistently in different stages of Yunior’s life, Diaz proves that his lifestyle, a product of the aforementioned factors, is not sustainable. United under a single aesthetic accomplishment, these short stories culminate Yunior’s countless acts of self-destruction into eventual maturity.
Junot Diaz’s anthology consistently synthesizes poetic prose with colloquialisms and street slang to manifest Yunior’s internal conflict. He relentlessly sexualizes women, calling Magda “a fucking boca” (The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars 11), deeming Nilda’s breasts “a…

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