Junot Diaz 's Poem ' Drown ' Essay

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Junot Diaz, in his book “Drown” explores the struggle of Dominican Republic immigrants in the United States to achieve the American Dream. Each story is related, but is separate vignette, each with its own title. The novel does not follow a traditional story arc but rather each story captures a moment in time. Drown is narrated by and educated adult and set mostly in the 1980s with much of the narrative occurring in the narrators childhood. In this essay I will talk about how the immigrant life is portrayed and how money is a driving force between this families.
In “Drown” Yunior the narrator of the story is explaining the story of his family immigration to the United Sates from the Dominican Republic. It all begin when Rafa and Yunior are sent to live with their uncle for the summer so their mother could work. Their father abandoned them when yunior was 4. They live in poverty and their mother works long hours at a local chocolate factory while their grandfather watched them. Papi left his family to bring money to the table so he decided to move to Nueva York. “Nueva York was the city of jobs, the city that had first called the Cubanos and their cigar industry, then the Bootstrap Puerto Ricans and now him (Diaz 167), papi explained. When Yunior is nine, five years after his father left, his father comes home from the United Sates. They live in an apartment in New Jersey in a new community. Years later when Yunior is in high school he works to help his mother pay the rent.…

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