Juno Persuasive Speech

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General Purpose: The general purpose of my speech is to persuade the audience.
Specific Purpose: The specific purpose of my speech is to persuade the audience that the movie, Juno, is an impractical depiction of life as a pregnant teenager, it is jam-packed with fictitious or planned dialogue, and it has become an immoral influence on teenagers.
I. While Juno may be considered a lighthearted and funny movie, it does not accurately portray the emotions and struggles that transform a teenager’s life, when they unexpectedly happen to become pregnant.
A. Juno, the teenage mother, makes teen pregnancy appear rather cool or easy, it makes her appear to teens as someone to follow, and has made it seem as a normal situation
B. Juno does not exhibit
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Juno’s dialogue is too planned and sarcastic, all the time, to be realistic in the situation Juno is in or in general.
II. Juno’s breezy attitude towards the pregnancy and lack of emotions, which usually accompany a teenager when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant, made the situation seem unrealistic and also makes teen pregnancy look as if it easy and hip.
A. She jokes sarcastically with wisecracks about her situation, throughout the movie.
1. When she finds out she is accidentally pregnant she causally asks Pauly, the father, if it’s okay if she “nips it in the bud,” but later she cannot go through with it.
i. The unethical local abortion clinic that Juno does not accurately portray Woman’s Clinic Centers, and this gives her an uneasy feeling (Denby “Hard Life”).
B. Her family members do not seem to be phased by the situation or to be making it a big deal, like most parents.
1. Her parents say sarcastically, “I didn’t know he had it in him,” when Juno reveals to her parents she is pregnant with her best friend, Pauly Bleeker.
C. The drama and criticism she faces rolls over her and never seems to affect her.
1. She makes it seem like it is okay to get pregnant as a teenager and that it will be easy to overcome all the obstacles it includes, but this is not always the

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