Junk Foods Essay

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“Sometimes they worried about sugar, other times fat. General Mills, he said, acted responsibly to both the public and shareholders by offering products to satisfy dieters and other concerned shoppers, from low sugar to added whole grains. But most often, he said, people bought what they liked, and they liked what tasted good. “Don’t talk to me about nutrition,” he reportedly said, taking on the voice of the typical consumer. “Talk to me about taste, and if this stuff tastes better, don’t run around trying to sell stuff that doesn’t taste good.” According to the above quote, individuals have less interest in fat compare to sugar; basically individuals see sugary foods as one of the foods that are seen unhealthy to human
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That’s what they want. If we give them less, they’ll buy less, and the competitor will get our market.”

According to this quote above, most food industries are mostly particular in profit making and winning the food market in the economy. Thus, food industries usually go through research as to what to do, how to do it and when to do it all in the name of satisfying their consumers; though this also like a competition among the food industries in the economy to maintain their customer relationship. Though no food industry is forcing any individual to buy their product no matter how tasty, healthy or unhealthy it is; rather they only persuade them by placing an advert to use their products, even though not all information’s about the products are been disclosed to the consumers on health reasons. Healthy foods and not junk foods should be sold in the food market and ethically food industries are liable in providing foods that are seen as unhealthy food; but these is only suitable to less than 30% of their target customers in food market. These does not suits their targeted market and the mission of most food industries. Yes, most junky foods taste better than non junky foods, but most of their customers enjoy it more; for example kiddies prefer to eat sweet and fatty foods which taste good rather than taking fruits which are seen as healthy food. For parents to make their kids to have lunch

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