Junk Foods Sections IIi, Iv, And V. Bongbong Alfaro Essay

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Junk Foods Sections III, IV, and V
Bongbong Alfaro
DeVry University

Junk Foods Sections III, IV, and V The best plan of action to solve the problem of junk foods and it leads to obesity is to implementing a legislation to limit on consumption of junk foods per person, which is one junk food per week such as one snack chip bag per week, per individual, to determine his or her consumption of junk foods and at the same time knowing the amount of person’s junk food intake. Because these junk foods would be limited to every single individual throughout the United States and other countries, government officials will control of the children and adults intake of unhealthy foods. Likewise, eating healthy foods will also improve the health and wellness of every person, and live longer life. Thus, when they practice to eat healthy foods, they are motivated to do good things such as exercise regularly, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. In addition, healthy foods can be beneficial to a human body. Benefits, they lead to happier life, as well as diminish the obesity rates. This legislation on junk foods is better than solutions that have been proposed, such as low calorie junk foods, since these alternative options has been advertise rather than high calorie foods. The low calorie junk foods may be an accurate representation of some type of healthy viable option, as well as the health improvement throughout his or her lifespan, but it is far too one-sided; whose…

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