Junk Food : What Will We Eat Today? Essay

1332 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
After math class, I asked my friend to go out and eat, and he started with “What will we eat today?” I said we can go for In and Out hamburger. He mumbled that’s a junk food. At that time, I was confused, I didn’t have any theory of Junk Food. That question follows me a while and I want to discover about junk food. What is junk food? Everyone have twenty-four hours a day to work, sleep, eat, etc. However, day-by-day, a lot of requirements make us feel stress and busy to have time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals that’s why we need fast food service. It doesn’t cost much time for us when ordering or buying a junk food. We only need to make a call or drive thru and wait a few minutes, then the food is ready to eat. For example, a hamburger always has one slice of lettuce, tomato, cheese, and beef, so most of us think that’s enough nutrition for a meal. Therefore, I decided to make a research about what is junk food, how does it affect our health but we still keep consuming it.
At first, we have to know the definition of junk food and what is consider as junk food so that we have a basic knowledge about it before exploring it further. According to Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, nationally known as “The Recipe Doctor, nutrition expert and writer for WebMD”, in the 21st century, junk food has appeared and it’s available over the world. We can find it everywhere we travel such as in the supermarket, convenience stores, and fast food restaurant, and on TV Ads. “Junk food generally…

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