Junk Food Should Be Banned Essay

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Banning of junk food and snacks has been a very controversial in the public school system. Some public school systems have already implemented the banning of sodas and junk food. Junk food is any type of food with no nutritional value. Each public school should take part in this ban nationwide. Soda and junk foods contain no nutritional value therefore consuming these products daily cause multiple health issues. A daily routine of consuming sodas and junk food during school hours alone will contribute to bad habits being set in daily life.

Sodas and junk food are linked to many health issues. These health issues include; effects on mental health, obesity and higher risks of heart disease, and academic performance is affected as well.
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These claim that these foods will still be “snuck” in through lunches being brought or eating during class. Teachers already do not allow students to have food during class. most parents monitor what their child are consuming, rather than having vending machines where anything they want is bought. Another fight with the ban on unhealthy food and drinks, the schools will lose money. This is untrue, the unhealthy snacks and drinks should be substituted with healthier options for students, thus the school still makes their money. This again brings on saying schools should teach better health classes, then children would not want to consume these products. If we continue to allow these foods and drinks to be advertized in front of the children in cafeterias, they will continue to be drawn to them, no matter the amount of …show more content…
The sale of unhealthy, sugar filled, and no nutritional value foods and drinks give bad effects to students’ mental health, physical health, and create bad eating habits. Schools are responsible for helping to promote healthy eating, not shoving it down students’ throats. This issues should be addressed by every school, stop thinking about the “money” and start thinking about the health of the

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