Junk Food Is Bad For Health Essay

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“Unhealthy foods that are loved by Americans include 29 lbs. of French fries, 23 lbs. of pizza and 24 lbs. of ice cream. Adding to these numbers are the 53 gallons of soda drunk each year, which averages to about 1 gallon each week for the average person.” (Wesley, 1)This sentence from “Food Consumption in America” by Daniel Wesley. In the United States there are a lot of junk foods are consumed every day. Junk food is a derisive slang term for food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. Foods commonly considered junk foods include fried fast food, sweet desserts, salted snack foods, candy, gum, and sugary carbonated beverages. Although often eat junk foods is bad for health, many people are still eating it because eat junk can save time and provide large amounts of energy; some people eating junk are psychobiology reason that they like junk food.
People who live in neighborhoods with sources of unhealthy foods, poor people and teenagers are mainly junk food consumption groups. If there is a fast food restaurant or a convenience store near people 's homes, they will buy and eat more junk food. The fast food restaurant and convenience store near homes, which provides a convenient purchase. “Teens are much more likely to eat junk food if they live in or go to school in neighborhoods with many fast food restaurants and other sources of unhealthy foods, a new study finds”(Preidt 1). In other words, live in neighborhoods with many…

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