Junk Food Induced Obesity : Obesity Essay

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Junk Food Induced Obesity Obesity has been a worldwide epidemic since more and more food has become convenience rather than health conscious. It is so easy now days to drive through a McDonalds and order dinner for a family for under ten dollars, rather than cook a wholesome dinner under fifty dollars. However, just because it may be quicker and cheaper, it does not mean it is healthy or even healthier then fresh, non-preserved foods. Fast food in no way can prevent obesity or slow it down, but rather increase the percentage of obese and create an unhealthy future that lie ahead. The problem with obesity is that it can be blamed on many different causes. However, there is the one leading cause to most obesity crises around the globe, and that would be the fault of processed fast food. Freedman’s opinion is that “the health concerns raised about processing itself… are not, by and large, related to weight gain and obesity” (Freedman 517). Fast food is always conveniently placed close to homes and businesses, even schools, to tempt those that surround them. Not only does this give temptation to gargling stomachs for sweet instant gratification, but it makes the industries profits skyrocket. Fast food companies are being paid to make mankind’s chairs buckle out from under them and for their stomachs to hang over their belts. As the years have gone by and eating out quickly and easily is more of a common custom today, societies waistband has ballooned dramatically compared to…

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