Junk Food And Its Effects On Society Essays

3024 Words Feb 16th, 2016 13 Pages
Junk food can be known as many different things to many different people. Some may refer to it as something fast to prepare and quick to eat. While others see it as an invalid snack that leads to an unhealthy diet and obesity. Many people aren’t aware of the dangers in consuming large amounts of junk food. But then there is some who knowingly eat large quantities of these dangerously unhealthy foods. But there is one very important ingredient added into junk food that majority of people oblivious to, and that is addictive substances. A big chunk of everyday junk food has these substances added in and a lot of people have no idea. These substance make tremendous food companies a great deal of money by having customers keep coming back for more. If you ever wondered why, after eating a full bag of chips to yourself, you just feel like you want more? The answer to that is most likely that the addictive substances have realed you into their trap without you knowing. The junk food engineers know exactly what they’re doing and exactly how to please our senses to keep us coming back for more. Most people do not know of this one, because they do not do enough research on the things they consume and digest. Two, it isn’t something visible that you can find on the label like sugar or fat. So with these newly engineered processed junk foods having customers returning more and more, it has been affecting large amounts of people with health problems such as obesity and diabetes. But in…

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