Junk Food And Chronic Diseases Essay

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Junk Food and Chronic Diseases

Many people believe that sugar is not linked with type-two diabetes and that it is actually necessary for our body. It is indeed true, we need some sugar for our body to work properly and it is not directly linked to diabetes. However, the consumption of sugary products is recommended as long as they do not exceed your total weight, obesity, which is caused by fat, sugar and much more; The more a person weighs, the more probabilities that person has to be affected by type-two diabetes. Junk food has a fast growing popularity and costumers, and so is obesity which is caused by a immoderate amount of junk food consumption per day, therefore, the number of Americans affected by type-two diabetes is now more than 21.0 million, and every year 1.4 million new cases appear. Junk food is not harmless, it is actually horribly harmful. It may seem to be cheap at first glance, but the costs of junk food escalate with the chronic diseases caused by it, which in the end, ends up being more expensive than eating healthy foods. There are children that already have type-two diabetes thanks to the neglected parents and their bad eating habits. Many governments from different countries and organizations have already taken action in this big issue, for example some schools have prohibited the sale of unhealthy foods, and the Ministry of Health is trying to implement a new law which taxes unhealthy foods so that people start moving towards healthier foods.…

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