Junk Food : An Article From The New York Times Essay

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Junk Food is a pejorative word to describe foods that contain High levels of calories, trans-fat, and an excessive amount of sugar with little protein, vitamin or minerals. Foods such as hamburger, hot dog and many other that are fried pre packed, are also consider Junk Food with high protein; because of the excessive amount of trans-fat it contains. Although Junk Food, is known to be one of the world’s biggest problem; as people keep consuming it, not knowing how bad they are harming themselves. Despite the fact that all the unhealthy foods it labeled as “Junk Food” it does not make a difference to does that continue to purchase and do not realize the harm they are committing to their bodies mentally and physically. How can healthy people influence others to make the right choice? An article from the New York times, “Discussing Junk Foods with English Language Leaners” is about a Health teacher, Mr. Ryan influencing his student to make the right choice when eating out. Mr. Ryan believe if student answer their own questions on Junk Foods this could change their diets and help them make healthier choices. In the article Mr. Ryan gives examples of how to promote the topic and get the class attentions. Mr. Ryan states “First give them enough time to think and write on what types of foods they are in to? Also have them talk to a friend on why they choose to eat it and how does it make them feel after eating it? After having the student discuss their choices, majority of the…

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