Junior Year Of High School Essay example

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Junior year of high school I attended a school called; Columbus Downtown High School. The school was a two year career development high school, only including juniors and seniors in the entire school. There were a few select programs you could go for such as: Cosmetology, ROTC, Police Enforcement, Culinary Arts, and Business. I chose to go for was Culinary Arts. Junior year was an exciting year for the two years I went there. The reason being was I was picked to participate in a culinary competition called: Ohio Prostart. The culinary cooking competition was for high schoolers pursing an education in culinary programs at there high schools all around Ohio. I was thankful enough to participate in such a big event. It was a chilly Monday morning in the middle of February. I wasn’t too happy with the weather, it just made the day seem dull. I was hoping to have some decent weather that could help me get into the positive spirits of competition. Besides the weather being a drag my teammates, teachers, and I made it to the venue three hours before we were supposed to compete. Our teacher, Mr. Bandman felt that it was necessary for us to show up to the venue so early. I didn’t say anything when I arrived to the venue, but on the inside I was slightly freaking out. I was feeling this way because I was about to be competing with my team members in front of 100 people and at least ten judges. Entering the venue, we went straight to the prep area for competitors. I checked on the…

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