Junior Research Paper: the Changing Face of Democracy

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The Changing Face of "Democracy"

The nation we knew as the United States is no more. The fair, war-weary republic that we've all known and loved has been replaced by a tired war hungry, that has been so split that it is hardly worthy of being called the "United" States. But what happened, one might ask. When looking into the past, the major turning point occurred in the year 2000. In that year, the dynastic candidate George W. Bush was elected president, and since has reigned with an iron will to turn the United States into the nation that it is today. Going back to the year 2000, the inside facts are plenty. The primary elections chose two candidates: the republican George Bush and the Democrat Al George. From the start, this
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At the beginning of his two terms, the first thing the Bush administration did in changing the United States was to go after its environmental laws, "The Bush administration took nearly 150 actions to undermine environmental protections over the first year, consistent with its historic assault on the nation's environmental safeguards" (NRDC 1). To name just a few, on the international viewpoint, "Scientists from around the world call for urgent action to reduce global warming pollution, but the United States now stands alone in opposing even the most basic effort to move forward cooperatively. While nearly every state now warns about the threat of mercury poisoning from the consumption of locally caught fish, the administration promotes its misleadingly titled "Clear Skies" scheme that would dramatically weaken mercury pollution control requirements in the existing clean air law" (NRDC 2). It clear and easy to see that the bush administration has taken a affirmative action to clear our skies, however. Now we can see the industrial plants pumping toxins into our water supply as, "health warnings to avoid eating locally caught fish have doubled and completed cleanup of toxic wastes at Superfund sites have fallen by 52 percent" (NRDC 2). But the Bush administration didn't stop there; they're reforming of our nation was only beginning. Next, the Bush administration acted to change the social situation of

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