Factors Affecting My Writing

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Writing is one of the forms for humans to express their feelings. I always enjoy writing essays or papers in school. It’s a good way to keep your mind busy and on task. In writing you can let your curiosity roam free and unconsciously find answers to questions you didn 't even know you had. Most of my writing have been essay assignments based off books or research papers. It takes time and focus, but one of the pleasures I get as a writer would be seeing my thoughts unfold, and then to organize them which helps me see the bigger picture. I have grown tremendously as a writer since completing my junior author paper in high school. The author I choose influenced me as well. Elite Wiesel who is famous for the novel Night. He sends a strong and …show more content…
Even though I enjoyed writing, but that did not mean it came easy to me. It was a real challenge for me. It took me most of high school to understand how to write for the most part. I learned a lot from my junior year English teacher Mr. Kaplan who once told me to “expand my intellectualism. “I took this and applied it to my writings. I find elaborating on my writing to be the hardest part. That is one of the main factors that can affect my opinion of my writing. In order for me to really get into writing about a topic and be able to elaborate, I have to really enjoy the topic I am writing about. In the end it is all about getting what is in your head onto the paper and running with it. Writing is an art, a form of expression. It is unique and powerful in all its forms.
The meaning of “expanding my intellectualism” is having more of a devotion of intellectual pursuit in anything you do so can become a better person. This has influenced the way that I approach my writing. It has brought me to see the deeper meaning of things and to continue to understand my everyday encounters. When it’s time to put the pen to the paper I found that this knowledge is reflected. If I ever find myself in a slump while writing, I always thing back to Mr. Kaplan’s words of wisdom. These inspiring words really did change me as a

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