Jung Myers Briggs Typology: The Teaching Style Of An ISFJ

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Teaching Style of an ISFJ
With each unique personality, comes a unique learning style. The way a person learns and interprets information impacts their ability to process knowledge and with that, what they’ve learned from it. By assessing one’s own personality type through the “Jung Myers Briggs Typology”, each individual is able to identify the scope of one’s character and further understand the nature of their behavior. By using the personality types described, someone is then able to analyze the five basic stimuli in Dunn and Dunn’s Learning Style that identifies elements affecting a person’s ability to learn and examine their own preferences. Using this information a person is able to recognize the most effective environment and style of
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I have always known I was an introvert, because I prefer a relaxing day by myself rather than going to a party with friends. This does not mean that introverts hate being with people, or cannot be outgoing, but rather it shows where they orient in regards to the world. “Individuals with a preference for introversion are more interested in the internal world of their minds, hearts, and souls. They like to brew over thoughts and actions, reflecting on them until they become more personally meaningful.” (Bastable, 2014, …show more content…
Examples of obstacles to myself are unorganized structure and distractions. I am a judging type, so I prefer clear, structured education that covers all the material that I need and gives me the information in a clear, simple format. When information is cluttered or jumps around topics, I can get easily confused between pieces of information which can throw me off balance and out of interest. So when clear outlines are given or a study guide is provided it allows me to easily recognize key points and understand the material overall. Similarly distractions will easily bar me from learning, as I can get very off task during small breaks, especially if it is something that I am not interested in learning in, because I do not want to go back to what I am forced to do. I prefer working through small breaks and getting the task done quicker, as my spurs of motivation can leave me very quickly if I am not

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