Julius Caesar Public Figure Essay

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Julius Caesar, the public figure, was known as a very powerful Roman general and senator. He was greatly known for his military achievements and for conquering many regions. He was admired by the people of Rome, who held him in great regards. They praised and admired him so much that if he stabbed their mothers, they wouldn’t have done anything about it. This shows how Caesar was loved and adorned as a public figure. On the other hand, as a mortal man, Caesar had many physical flaws. He had many seizures due epilepsy, he was deaf in his left ear, and Cassius had to save him from drowning in the Tiber river. With all this said, even as a mortal man with many flaws Caesar was able to wield power over events after his death. After his death, …show more content…
For example, when Caesar’s ghost entered Brutus’s room, Brutus said that he made his blood turn cold and hair stand up. The ghost then tells Brutus that he will see him at Philippi. The ghost is a bad omen which foreshadows that Brutus is going to take a fall, and that Caesar’s death will be avenged. Also, at the end of the book when Brutus asks Volumnius to kill him, he says that the ghost of Caesar appeared to him twice. One time at Sardis and the night before, due to this he knows his hour of death has come. This proves that Caesar’s spirit still wields power over events, because from seeing Caesar’s ghost Brutus knew that things would not go his way at battle, and that his time had come to an end. Caesar was so powerful that even Brutus knew he was going to die. Another example, is when Cassius asked Pindarus to stab him. Cassius told Pindarus to take the good sword that ran through Caesar’s bowels and plunge it in his chest. Also, right before Cassius died he said, “Caesar, you are revenged with the very same sword that killed you.” This shows that Cassius is attributing his death to Caesar, and saying the Caesar’s death is

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