Julius Caesar Flaws Analysis

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Everyone has flaws. Many, not just one, but many people have certain qualities, characteristics, or some traits that they may or may not be proud of. Yes, some of a persons qualities may be a little harder or more challenging to face than others but overall that is what totally completes a person, whether they choose to accept or decline it. Most of the time, a person is more than likely trying to grow out of them, trying to overcome them, or maybe even trying to battle them. Whatever they may be as a person, they always have choices in how to deal with them, it is always just how a certain person goes about it, in our case Julius Caesar, that changes that certain quality or fatal flaw that they have. Julius Caesar, as a person and as we know, …show more content…
As Brutus is to Julius both are not perfect as no one is in this world. Julius Caesar was a man who grew close to his flaws, and was also a man who, as we know more than anything, has power and money and with that he wrote in his will that he granted his money and his gardens to the people of Rome but on the contrary was also a man who flaunted all of what he had to the lower class and from that, he ultimately made people hate him, which eventually led to his own undoing and his death. In the end, he led himself into a trap and was too blinded to see that it was about to snap down on him. Overall he was just too full of himself. Yes, he had love, family, and friends in the beginning and he was a very true man who loved those people right back but then the tables turned and when he was offered something very important he shoved those people aside just to get what he wanted. Because of his actions, he met his match and his worst opponent that beat him at his own game and from that is a perfect example of what not to do to those special things or certain individuals that you have grown up with, created a bond with, or fell in love with just to reach something greater on the other side that you do not

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