Julius Caesar Final Analysis

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Julius Caesar Final Essay

Shakespeare is known to cover important statements on life in his plays and other works. In Julius Caesar he conveys various statements, one being that people always try to find the easiest way out of their problems. This can be observed in the reasons for why Cassius has Caesar killed, how the conspiracy wanted to just kill off Antony, and why Cassius had Pindorus kill him instead of taking his loses on the battle field like a man. However, it 's funny that none of these men realize over the course of the events that by doing this instead of just facing there problems the right way just give them more trouble. Why did Cassius have Caesar killed? Cassius states in act one scene two, “Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus, and we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable graves.” this explains Cassius reasons for killing Caesar are that he “thinks” Caesar will become a tyrant over Rome. However, not once did he state his concerns to Caesar thought the whole book. I mean why would you want to talk with a tyrant right? Caesar was never gonna become a
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In act two scene one Cassius says, “Decius, well urged: I think it is not meet Mark Antony, so we 'll beloved of Caesar, should outlive Caesar: we shall find of him a shrewd contrived; and you know his means, if he improved them, may well stretch so far as to annoy us all: which to prevent, let Antony and Caesar fall together.” honestly this quote just shows me just how far Cassius is willing to go to dodge his issue of talking things out with Caesar. How far is Cassius willing to go to not talk to Caesar or Antony? I feel that if they would have just talked to Caesar by now the conspiracy would have come up with a better solution then the tragedy that

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