Julius Caesar Cause and Effect Essay

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Kaya Lawrance
Mrs. Ham
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March 7th, 2012 Julius Caesar Cause and Effect Essay:

A Leader's Fateful Decision:

Decisions. Decisions are what make the world go round. Without them, time would be frozen, never moving forward. They are the choices people make that determine our future. Some decisions are hard, some are easy. But, no matter what decisions are made, they will always end with the same result: an effect. So, it's important that people go through the decision making process to eventually come to a final choice. Everyone has to make many decisions every day that affect our lives. Julius Caesar also had to make many decisions that had substantial results. But, only one of his decisions stood
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Dramatic Irony is when the readers know what something that the character does not know. Dramatic Irony applies to this because readers know that the conspirators are plotting to kill Caesar while he is not aware that they are. Another "warning sign" that he should not go to the Senate meeting occurs on March 15 (Ides of March) right before the meeting. Calphurnia describes how she has had strange and frightful dreams of Caesar's stature pouring our blood while happy citizens of Rome bathe their hands in it. Calphurnia sees this as an omen, and since she does not usually believe in omens, she is frightened by them now and believes this one to be a true omen. A servant also warns Caesar, "They would not have you to stir forth today. Plucking the entrails of an offering forth, they could not find a heart within the beast."(2.2.40-42) This is another warning sign for the reason of finding a fault or difference in a sacrificed animal meant bad luck in his time. Although he ignores the Servant’s news out of his own confident arrogance, he decides to stay because of his wife's unsettling whim. But after Decius appears with plans to escort Caesar to the Senate House, Decius convinces him to go with quick and sly words. "This dream is all amiss interpreted; It was all a vision fair and fortunate. Your stature spouting blood in many pipes, in which so many smiling Romans bathed, signifies that from you great Rome shall suck reviving blood, and that great men shall press

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