The Role Of A Roman Tribune In Julius Caesar

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Imagine you are put back in time and you were in the Roman era and your job was a “Roman Tribune”. If you ask a random person “What is a Roman tribune?”, they would not know how to respond because that job is not common. In order to understand what it is like to be a Roman tribune you have to have the mindset as a Roman tribune and see things from their perspective. In the book Julius Caesar there is multiple character that have the job of a Roman tribune. In order to understand their roles in the play you have to know the background of the job Roman tribune and what their purpose is. What is a Roman tribune you might ask yourself if you were reading the book Julius Caesar. In order to understand most of the characters in the book …show more content…
Pampey to the people were amazing and no one could take his place. When Julius Caesar came home and the people found out he had killed Pampey they all of sudden had a change in heart and started to praise Caesar. The two Roman tribunes were disgusted of the fact that the people were being fooled and they knew they had to do something about it so they ended up going around to the statues of Caesar and started taking off decorations that people had put on it to show love …show more content…
A Roman tribune plays a big part when it comes to the ancient city of Rome. To have all three tribunes go against Caesar should show the people that he should not be trusted or honored with the crown. Throughout the days there has been a lot of suspicious things going on through the city like having a owl fly threw a marketplace during the day . A fire storm only on the city of Rome is a bad omen for the people in Rome , but the question is how do they respond to the situation with Caesar? To all the tribunes Caesar is not worthy to be honored at such a high level of a position. Why don 't they believe that Caesar can be held responsible for this much power. To figure out why they don 't believe in Caesar you have to do research to understand the knowledge of the tribunes and look at the situation from their perspective . The Roman tribunes in the story have a good idea of keeping of Rome safe. Even though it seems like they are trying to help , they also seem to have a little bit of jealousy in them. Before

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