Juli's Character In Flipped By Wendelin Van Draanen

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Some people is brilliant, elegant, beautiful from their appearance. However, every once in a while we find someone different, someone who has a beautiful soul. Juli, a character in the novel “Flipped” by Wendelin van Draanen, she isn’t brilliant and rich, but she has a beautiful soul. Through Juli’s bravery, determination and care, she becomes special in the novel and has an inner beauty.
Juli is a brave girl. She is totally different from other girls, she always do something that others won’t do. Although climbing the tree is dangerous, she still climb it. When Bryce’s kite was stuck on the tree, Juli rescued it quickly. Bryce described her bravery, “She climbed miles up to get my kite, and she came down, she was actually very cool about it”(Draanen,23).
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When the tree was cutting down, the workers treated Juli to come down. But she insisted to stay on the tree and asked others for help. In fact, no one seems to help her to protect the tree. Somebody tracked down Juli’s mother, when she saw Juli on the top of the tree, her mother “cried and pleaded and acted not all the way a sensible mother should”(Draanen,42). Juli’s mother was extremely nervous to see her daughter on the top of the tree, she wanted Juli to come down immediately. Juli should listen her mother and come down from the tree obediently, but she persist to stay on the tree. “I was not coming down”(Draanen,42). In just a few words, she shows her firmness. Juli was sure that she will not come down from the tree. Juli is a extremely determined girl and no one could stop her. Juli not only is determined about the tree, but she is also determined in her usual life. After Bryce criticizes Juli’s yard, she decided to fix her yard by her own. Soon afterwards Juli wanted to give up because it was so difficult and complicated to fix the yard. She thought Mr.Finnegan should be the one making repairs. However, she remembered her mother’s words from the night before and she thought “A few bushes and some dilapidated wood couldn’t stop someone’s best and brightest blessing!” (Draanen,106). She perseveres in her work. Although her mother tried to persuade her to give up, she refused, “oh, …show more content…
When juli knows that her father wants to visit her uncle, instead of staying at home and enjoying the morning with her mother, she said “I’m coming, Dad” (Draanen,130). Although she knows that her uncle has mental problem, she does not avoid to visit him. “Uncle David was part of the family, part of my father, part of me” (Draanen,130). She was willing to know more about her uncle. She does care about her uncle that she even get angry with her father, “ it doesn’t seem right that he’s never been over for a visit”(Draanen,139). This sentence shows that Juli is worried about her uncle, she is afraid that her uncle might be lonely in the hospital. Another example is when Juli’s uncle messed around the ice cream store, she “worked around him, putting everything back in order and wiping up the mess” (Draanen,137). She helped her father to work around him patiently. It strongly demonstrated her caring. Not everyone has her patience. During the elections of basket boys, Juli shows her consideration towards other people. When she noticed that nobody was bidding for Jon Trulock, she helped him. She is worried that Jon might feel humiliated and alone because of the bid. Although he is a little strange, she thinks that “he was just so nice” (Draanen,203). She thinks grateful that she’d bid. She does not let the boy thinks awkward. Juli was gentle and caring during the

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