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“BP is a multinational energy business that has 92,000 employees and operates in 175 countries. When a new chief executive was recruited internally at BP (Tony Hayward), he promised to improve the company’s disappointing performance by quickly changing its culture to become more innovative and responsive to its customers.”

Q: How easy do you think it is for a new chief executive to change the culture of an organization quickly? Justify your answer with reference to BP &/or other businesses that you know.

The BP Company has experienced a huge explosion at its Texas City Refinery in 2005, the oil spillage in Alaska in 2006 and also the Gulf of Mexico explosion in the BP oilfield in 2010, and these occurrences have had effects on
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The CEO of BP may not be able to change the business culture quickly or expecting a sudden change in the innovative ability of the business, most of the strategies take time to result in the good way and become effective for the whole business.

Another factor is that because for the natural of the business, like its reputation has been influence by the serious occurrences that happened before and BP had also lost some public trusts, rather than trying to change negative aspect, it might be better and easier for them to concentrate on the positive aspects of the business and how it currently operates. Some of the external factors that will influence the leader’s ability may be the economic issue like recession, for example, the rapid decisions taken at a senior level may be needed to secure the survival of the business during the recession. There are also some problems associated with the change in organizational culture. Firstly, If the establishment of the new objectives and a mission statement is not clear or is not accurately reflecting the new values and attitudes that are to be adopted, these new aspects of the business all needed to be communicated to all the employees of BP, otherwise it might lead to a

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