Julian Assange 's Information Essay

1385 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
As a boy, Julian Assange’s passion for computers developed and turned him into a professional computer programmer. For twelve years, Julian dedicated his time and energy into mastering code. Later on, his skills advanced and gained the ability to access pretty much any virtual sources of information in not so legal ways. As a child, Assange had accessed a massed amount of hidden information, which he thought the public has the right to know their existence. He called it “the transparency of information” making it his life mission to disclose the untold. Through out his mission, he started a bizarre website known as WikiLeaks with the dream to provide transparency of information through the web and media. This organization has a website that was helpful along the way by providing him with the necessary skills that helped him later on in his career. The secrecy of information has been going on for years, allowing influential individuals to hide under their lies. The closure of information is nothing new to us. As the technology progressed so does the media and it’s sources. In the present days, many have revealed what has been hidden from our view. People nowadays that disclose the information had many influential whistleblowers whose identity is kept anonymous. This organization is one of the few working towards disclosure of sensitive information that gives humanity the truth. This trustworthy median of information distribution is called WikiLeaks and has all the reasons…

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