Essay on Julian Assange : An Australian Journalist And Publisher

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I. Facts

Julian Assange is an Australian journalist and publisher. He is the founder and editor of WikiLeaks, a public-interest publication all over the world. On November 2010, Assange was wanted in Sweden for questioning on the charges of rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion . Subsequently, a Swedish public prosecutor took from Stockholm District Court a domestic detention order against Mr Assange. In compliance with the criminal law of Sweden, the detention order is admissible for the prosecutor to accelerate to issue a European Arrest Warrant . In order to evade justice in Sweden, Assange moved in UK and started long-continued legal process in local courts. By the way, Westminster Magistrates Court upheld and confirmed the warrant . Ultimately, the Supreme court of UK ruled the extradition request had been lawfully made, Lord Phillips, the court 's president, said a majority of five justices to two had ruled against Mr. Assange . The Ecuadorean government said it had granted Assange asylum because it shared his fears of political persecution and the possible consequences of an eventual extradition .

II. Consideration of legal aspects

International public law means the set of legal rules governing international relations between public bodies such as States and international organizations. International law also regulates relations between States and non-State individuals. In the case of individuals, international law gives each individual certain…

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