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Julia Alvarez Essay Julia Alvarez was born on March 27, 1950. She was born in New York City. When she was three her family moved back to her families’ native land, Trujillo. Julia moved back to New York, where she graduated from high school in 1967. Then she then attended Connecticut College for two years, where she won the Benjamin T. Marshall Poetry Prize. After attending Bread Loaf School of English, at Middlebury College. She received a bachelor of arts in English, Summa Cum Laude, in 1971. In 1973, in pursuit of her goal to become a writer, she enrolled in Syracuse University. Two years later Julia had her master’s degree in creative writing. Her poems began to appear in print as
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Max is remembered, somewhat infamously, for his carrier ASA development serving the regime of Rafael Trujillo. On the other hand, Salome Urena, their mother, the Dominican Republic National Poet, is little known outside her country. The name Salome Camilla Henriquez Urena is the least known of this talented and volatile family. Most Scholars of Latin America Culture are unaware that the Henriquez brothers had a sister. (In the name of Salome) also represents her most ambitious work too. Alvarez choose to write about a Dominican family whose members are well-known in their lifetimes. However, in comparison, their existence lack poignancy, the pathos, and the heart- whelming drama of the lives of the Mirabel Sisters. Patria Mercedes Mirabel Reyes, Belgia Adela Mirabel Reyes, Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabel Reyes, Maria Argentina Minerva Mirabel Reyes were the Mirabel were founders of the underground. The dictator found out about the underground and he didn’t like the fact that his people were slipping out of the grip of the dictatorship. So Rafael Trujillo had his right hand men to club the girls to death and then gather them up and put them into the back of a jeep and drive it off the edge of a cliff to make it look like an accident. The Mirabel Sisters had one sister left. Her name was Belgia who died February 1, 2014. In 1960 the three sister were found dead at the bottom of a cliff, North Coast Island, Trujillo.

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