The American Judicial System

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American Judicial System
There is no system as unique as the judicial one. In contrast to the American judicial system, since the first days of the united states as a nation there is always has been a government, back in the days the first one was named confederate government the local courts were stronger than the central one. Nowadays it all changed for better and the federal system of a government was created where the central guide the local ones. The Judicial System also known as ¨ the judiciary ¨ is a system of courts that understands and applies the law in the name of a state or in any federal court. There are three jurisdictions first the original, they have the authority to hear a case for the first time; limited, which role is to
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These organizations handles all judicial matters, such as criminal cases, private civil disputes, and family law matters such as divorce and adoption, etc. Moreover, the federal, is composed of 13 circuit courts, Districts courts and the United States Supreme Court, this one sees and evaluates issues of state laws but the parties involved could be from another states; they also treat federal laws. For the Washington Dc, it is not a state court, is a District it has its own legal judicial system, the executive it is the major power of the country which is the president, once a case starts in either state, federal court or in the district Columbia there are lower and higher courts and they are all involved in issues of …show more content…
Moreover, they are two sources that the United States uses, Primary, which is a statement of the law itself as examples we have the constitution of the United States this is some kind of document where it explains or guide how a government has to be organized, Cases, Administrative Law, this are agencies that helps all executive branches to enforce the law, and Codes, they are all existent federal law by broad subjects.. Following we have Secondary sources, it involves all material that discuss, explain and summarizes the primary ones; for example law reviews, they are some kind of books with no pictures published by law schools; Legal dictionaries and encyclopedias; restatements which are documents that makes us remember what law is and treatises which are written and publishes by private people that are experts depending on the area of

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